Masked bandits reportedly breach Port security, break into locked container and make off with four barrels

Four barrels were illegally removed from a locked shipping container at the St. John’s Port over the weekend, according to an inside source, who says the authorities are keeping the incident quiet.

According to the Port employee, four masked bandits entered the compound from an unknown point, carrying both firearms and bolt-cutters. 

The men reportedly cut the lock from the container, entered, and removed four barrels, after which they are said to have closed the container and secured it with a fresh lock they brought for that purpose.

Although the premises are supposed to be a high-security area, the theft went unnoticed – or, at least, unobstructed – by the guards.  However, the source says the action was caught on security camera.

Speculation is that the barrels contained either drugs or firearms.  But, so far, no report has been made of the break-in and theft by the Police.

The source says there is also speculation that the offenses were committed by employees of the Port – or with their cooperation.