Barbuda MP Trevor Walker not giving up on hopes for secession-even after losing 2020 bid for parliamentary approval

Barbuda MP Trevor Walker is not giving up his fight or call for secession of Barbuda from Antigua.

Barbudans have long been making this call due to the fact that they are of the opinion that the Labour Party government continues to disrespect the people and the less than humane treatment being meted out to them on many occasions.

The Barbuda people in September 2020 lost their bid to get parliamentary approval to secede from Antigua.

In a vote of 10 to zero, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) parliamentarians voted against the resolution.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne had indicated that the Barbudans had not made out a case for secession.

Walker was not present of the historic vote neither were MP Asot Michael, who was asked to leave the House and Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle who had signaled his intention to vote against the resolution for separation, which Is also the position of the United Progressive Party (UPP) of which he is the Opposition Leader.

Browne had expressed hopes that his government and the Barbuda Council could work cohesively for the economic benefit of the country on a whole, while warning the Council to stop with its divisive stance in trying to split the twin island nation.

But Walker had indicated that the vote would not be the end of the Barbuda people’s move for separation from Antigua.

He says that Barbudans have lived a particular lifestyle for over 300 years and in 2018 when the government decided to repeal the Barbuda Land Act and put on the books that the people are tenants of the Crown was a great disrespect.

Walker expresses the view that the Browne administration has destroyed the fabric of what makes the Barbudan society unique.

The Barbuda MP says that the people of the smaller of the twin-island nation are resilient and the day will come when they will get their freedom and be on their own.