Careless spending, poor prioritizing and reckless concessions prove Browne Administration’s mismanagement, Lovell says

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), continues to criticize the Gaston Browne Administration over the manner in which it spends taxpayers’ money.

The Administration boasts that it has collected more money than any previous government.  Yet, as recently as this morning, March 28, workers at the Fiennes Institute were complaining about monies owed to them and mothers reported that child-maintenance payments for February are still outstanding.

Lovell describes the Administration’s handling of the country’s finances as mismanagement, since the people are not seeing the benefit of monies spent.

While Lovell agrees that there is never enough money to run a household, a business or a government, he says how that money is managed is a vital issue.  He accuses the Browne Administration of spending carelessly and not knowing what its priority areas should be.  

Further, Lovell says, the Administration’s giving away taxes and concessions is reckless.

The UPP Political Leader says the fiscal management of the country requires prudent thinking and spending.

Meanwhile, some residents are pointing to neighbouring St. Kitts and Nevis, which recently announced that it is exploring the possibility of wage and salary increases for workers in that twin-island state.