Despite injuries sustained, victims have made no report about serious motorcycle accident, Traffic Dept. Head says

The Traffic Department says it has not yet received any formal report of an accident that occurred on the Golden Grove Main Road, just below the Antigua State College, on February 28.

A video of the incident, which went into circulation Monday night, shows a downed motorcycle and two injured men sitting on the ground next to it.

Reports say the pair were travelling on the motorbike when the driver lost control and both men were thrown from the vehicle.

An onlooker who captured the scene on video reports seeing a very serious leg injury on one of the men – reportedly a broken shin bone that had protruded through the skin – while the other was complaining about injuries to his legs, as well.

However, Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis, Head of the Traffic Department, says no reports have been made about the incident to the Police, although he, too, has seen the video.

Ellis says there are previous instances in which accidents have occurred and the drivers have opted not to involve the Police.  He says a report might be made some time later –only if the arrangement between both drivers fell through.

But the Traffic Department Head says it is illegal not to report an accident and even to leave the scene of an accident.

Ellis says this matter will be investigated to determine who the victims are.  The necessary course of action will then be taken after finding out why the pair left the scene of the unreported accident.