School principal longs for an end to protection of those who harbour and exploit runaway teens, calling it ‘assault’

Educator, administrator and Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School Ashworth Azille is decrying situations in which no action is taken against persons who harbour runaway teens, and says he hopes it does not become a chronic issue.

In many instances, these teens are being exploited by the persons who are providing shelter, Azille says, and this amounts to assault.

The school principal notes that these young people are impressionable; therefore, everything must be done to protect them from predators.

Over the last several years, teenagers regular disappear from home and are returned only after the public’s assistance is sought.

In these instances, there is never any word from the Police – who usually made the appeal – related to where the teens were and with whom they were found.

Routinely, teenage girls are found to have been in the company of older men; but, generally, no charges are brought against them, even for harbouring.