Parents say Government is playing games with unvaccinated students’ education and another picket is imminent

Quite a number of parents have expressed frustration at what they consider “games” by the Gaston Browne Administration regarding the testing of unvaccinated students.

Reportedly, a number of students who turned up for classes today, November 22, were turned away. 

This was reportedly due to the fact that they did not present a negative COVID-19 test, which the Ministry of Education says is a requirement for students to commence classes.

At least 15 parents who spoke to our News Department say they subsequently attempted to get their children tested at several of the community clinics across the island.

They claim they visited the clinics in Browne’s Avenue, Grays Farm and Bolans, but were told that these institutions had not received any official correspondence from the Government allowing them to conduct testing on students.

The parents say that they made trips to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health; but each passed the buck and directed them somewhere else.

A mother says that when she visited the Health Ministry with her son, she was prevented from entering the premises by a security guard.

A female student tells REAL News that, when she was asked to leave her school, the principal informed her that she should not come back if she could not present her COVID-19 test results by this coming Wednesday, November 24.

The Cabinet, on November 17, removed the vaccination mandate to allow all secondary students to attend face-to-face classes.

However, the parents say they are being made fools of, since the Cabinet and the Prime Minister are saying one thing when, in actuality, it is something different.

According to the parents, they will be taking up their placards and hitting the picket line again for this continued injustice to their children, who deserve a proper education.

Additionally, one parent of the Rastafarian faith says she has been unable to get the required exemption from the Ministry of Health in order for her son to attend school.

We will hear more about her story on the Good Morning Sass Show tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23.