St. Johnston’s villager has questions to answer after attempt to clear marijuana valued at $120,000 from airport

Another drug seizure has been made at one of the country’s ports of entry, and a local man is assisting the Police with investigations into the matter.

Reports are that a resident of St. Johnston’s Village went to the Customs Cargo Department at the V.C. Bird International Airport on Thursday, November 11, to clear a box containing 20 vacuum-sealed packages of cannabis.  He was apprehended and taken into custody.

The drug, said to be 20 pounds, has an estimated street value of $120,000.

A Bolans man tells REAL News he wonders why, in this instance, the Police waited for the drug to be cleared.  He points out that in most of the drug busts reported this  year, officers have seized the contraband and removed it to Headquarters – before allowing the persons to whom they where consigned to take possession.

“It always seemed suspicious to me.  Why not lie in wait for the person who is receiving the drug and arrest him?  It makes me wonder why they did it this way in this situation.  I wonder if it’s some kind of competition,” the man says.

Another resident has told our News Room that, with the decriminalization of marijuana in certain amounts, the demand has far outstripped the local supply – hence the increase in the importation of the drug.