Browne using the Courts in attempt to destroy reputation of UPP members, Thomas charges

Prime Minister Gaston Browne seems hell-bent on destroying the reputation of members and supporters of the  United Progressive Party (UPP), says Alister Thomas.

Thomas, the Party’s Candidate for St. John’s City West, recalls Browne saying that he would use the State’s resources to get at, and bankrupt, those who oppose him.

He says that Browne has gone through with this evil ploy, and Thomas names the many UPP candidates and supporters who have been dragged through the courts on various charges.

While there are other serious crimes to be investigated, law enforcers are wasting the country’s already scarce resources on frivolous prosecutions and have quickly prepared case files to that end, Thomas says.

Thomas says similar threats were also made against him.

The UPP Candidate says all these arrests are an abuse of the justice system and erode the people’s confidence in the judicial process.

Meanwhile, Thomas says the Browne Administration has failed to deliver on quite a number of election promises.

Accordingly, he says, the Antigua  Labour Party Government continues to piggyback on several initiatives implemented by the UPP Administration since it is devoid of ideas.