Amendments to Education Act that enable vaccination mandate can be challenged only by judicial review, Symister says

Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister says the amendments to the Education Act that mandate the vaccination of students can be challenged – but only through judicial review.

Those who might seek to challenge it on a Constitutional basis may not be successful, but the decision should be open to judicial review, according to Symister.

The attorney says that educating the Nation’s children does not seem to be the top priority of the political authorities – or else every measure would be taken to accommodate the unvaccinated, both teachers and students.

He says the bottom line with the Gaston Browne Administration is money, and the children no longer seem to be the future.

Symister says the Minister of Education and the Administration do not have a proper education plan, which is a sentiment also expressed by United Progressive Party Senator Richard Lewis.

Some parents have openly said they will not subject their children to what is still an “experimental” vaccine.  But with no independent means of adequately providing an education for their children, parents may have no choice. 

The only alternative, which is home schooling, still has to be approved by the Ministry of Education.