Vaccine Mandate has resulted in teacher shortage

As a result of the Government’s vaccination mandate, the Ministry of Education reports there is now a shortfall of 109 teachers in the public-school system. 

In order to fill the gap left by educators who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the Cabinet has authorized the three-month hiring of that number of substitute teachers.

Reports say that, according to their skills, the Ministry’s management team will assign these persons to the affected schools.

Meanwhile, based on the vulnerability of primary-school children, and according to data regarding the vaccination of their teachers, primary schools will continue with remote learning.

In the meantime, the Executive has vowed to fix the inadequacy of Internet access across the country.

Complaints have been raised by many families about the challenges they face in accessing reliable Internet services, even when devices are available.  

Information Minister Melford Nicholas had promised, at the close of the last school year, that broadband Internet would be installed in the government schools by September.