Residents of the eastern and western sections of the island should take this weekend to stockpile water, since they will be without the APUA service for virtually one  week – from Monday, June 14, to Friday, June 18.

This temporary suppression of water, according to APUA, is to facilitate “crucial maintenance work that will be carried out by the Electricity Business Unit [and] will affect the production and distribution of water from the Crabbs Reverse Osmosis Plant.”

Accordingly, households in these areas will be impacted: Long Bay through to Willikies, Glanvilles, Seatons and Parham. Old Parham Road and from Gambles to Yorks and the surrounding areas, likewise, will be affected.

The other areas that will be without APUA water are: St. Johnston’s Village, Sutherlands, Factory Road and surrounding areas; All Saints through to Horsford Hill; Buckleys to John Hughes; Sea View Farm and Ferris Farm.

Families living in Freemans Village to Clarks Hill; Jonas Road; Belview Heights to Belmont; Dickenson Bay Street; St. John’s City; and surrounding areas will also find their pipes dry.

In addition to the eastern and western villages being impacted, an APUA release also lists communities on the northern side of the island, running from Cedar Valley Springs to Crosbies.

According to the utility company, during this time, some areas are “expected to experience low water pressure or continued suppression until the system is fully recharged.”

As a consequence, the Authority is advising its customers to store enough water to ensure that regular household activities can continue during this period.

But some people are expressing concern about such an exercise, given that there is a drought in effect and most of their water catchments are empty or nearing empty.

How can this be done when water is off, and sometimes does not come on for days, a man asks APUA.

“Are they going to ensure that, over the weekend, all the affected areas get water – from Saturday to Sunday – so that people can indeed fill up containers and ensure they have water for the week?” the man questions.  Apologizing for the inconvenience that the temporary water suppression will cause, APUA promises to make every effort to complete the maintenance work in the shortest possible time

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