Upset; angry; furious: These are just some of the adjectives used by a Bolans woman to describe how she feels about the lack of proper infrastructure in her area, and she blames the Government for its lack of attention.
Mahalia Matthew did a live Facebook recording today, April 8, to publicize her plight and get the attention of the relevant authorities.

She says she has been living in the area behind the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse for two and a half years with no proper road. The roads in the area have always been bad, she says, but the November flooding made them even worse.

The woman says she has complained relentlessly to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) and to her parliamentary representative, Samantha Marshall, but without success.
The video shows the area immediately in front of her home, which is extremely muddy, and this, she says, came about from rains on Wednesday, April 7. According to her, once it rains, this is the condition of the roads.
Matthew says officials finally came to the area last week, after months of complaining, and graded the road without doing any further work. She says that they promised to return this week, but have been a no-show to date.

The woman was calling for her roads to be fixed today so that she could go to work, and in time for her children to attend school next week.

What is of great concern to the woman is that the area is inaccessible not only to regular vehicles, but emergency vehicles as well. If she or a family member were to fall ill, requiring the ambulance, the situation would be dire, she says.

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