Hospital promises investigation after deceased man’s family threatens lawsuit over his passing in the waiting room

The Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre says it will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a 45-year-old man in its waiting room over a month ago.

This promise comes after the man’s family threatened a lawsuit against the hospital and its management.

Reports are that the man, Terry Emmanuel, was not feeling well and opted to seek medical attention at the public hospital on April 12.

Having waited for hours without seeing a doctor, he decided to return home. However, the following day, April 13, because he still was not feeling well, he decided to go to a private doctor.

After examining Emmanuel and realizing that he required emergency medical attention, the physician telephoned the hospital, himself, and advised that the patient should be dealt with right away, as his situation was extremely urgent.

Emmanuel was asked to return to the hospital immediately. However, he was kept in the waiting area for about seven hours, starting after 10 a.m. He subsequently died there while awaiting medical attention.

Now, his family has sought the services of attorney Wendel Robinson, as it is suing the hospital for negligence.

Reports say that a post-mortem examination was not conducted to determine the exact cause of his death.

In a statement published on June 2, the hospital says that Emmanuel’s death was a rare event, occurring, as it did, in its Emergency Department.

Officials say they are reviewing what happened and are committed to taking corrective action wherever it may be required, and has expressed condolences to the family.