Deputy Commissioner Albert Wade has found himself in some trouble after the release of a video that shows him pulling his firearm and discharging it in public.

Unconfirmed reports are that the Minister with responsibility for the Police – Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin – has commissioned an investigation into the matter.  

Further reports are that Wade was summoned by Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney on Thursday, March 11, and asked to hand over his police-issued firearm.

It is alleged that a written report of the incident was also submitted by the Deputy Commissioner.

The 48-second video of the incident shows Wade and a younger man standing face to face apparently in a heated discussion. Wade, who was out of uniform at the time, is seen folding his arms at one point.

A government vehicle, a pick-up truck is also seen standing in the middle of the road.

The young man, who reported the incident to a local newspaper, can be seen walking away from Wade several times and returning. And at one point, he is seen putting his hand close to the officer’s face.

It was after this that a loud “bang” is heard, and Wade is then seen with the weapon in his hand, looking in the direction of the person making the video recording.

The female narrator exclaims in shock after witnessing the incident.

While it is unclear what sparked the confrontation between the two men, the civilian is alleging that he smelled alcohol on the senior officer’s breath.

Meanwhile, the incident has created quite an uproar on social media, with some people saying the man’s compaintis not supported by the video evidence. One man even calls the alleged victim a liar, saying that another resident has refuted his version of the event.

REAL News has also learned that some police officers are rejoicing at the situation in which Wade has now found himself.

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