BREAKING NEWS: Sir Robin reportedly admitted to ICU in English hospital

Sir Robin Yearwood, Member of Parliament for St. Phillip North, reportedly
has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in England,
informed sources are claiming.

They say that his son, Robin Yearwood, Jr., is either preparing to leave Antigua,
or has left, to be at his bedside.

The 80-year-old MP narrowly retained his seat in the January 2023 election,
but has not debated a single Bill in the Lower House since, nor spent any
significant time in the Chair in his capacity as deputy speaker.

This sparked considerable speculation about his mental health and his
capacity as a representative over the past 17 months.
About three weeks ago, he left the island, reportedly for medical treatment of
physical issues in England, accompanied by his daughter, Immigration Chief
Katrina Yearwood.

Meanwhile, the Antigua Labour Party has announced that a primary to replace
the senior Yearwood will be held in July, with this exercise seen as the
precursor to a by-election in that constituency.