PSC member reports firearm stolen, but investigators reportedly believe otherwise, while a recovered gun is said to have been stolen from a cop

Another firearm – reported to belong to a member of the Police Service
Commission (PSC) – is believed to have made its way into the hands of
criminals, while another gun, recently recovered, is said to have been stolen
from a police officer.

In the first instance the commissioner allegedly reported to the Police that he
had secured his house, leaving his firearm there, and gone on a cruise. He
returned home to discover his residence had been broken into and his 9mm
pistol with several rounds stolen.

Officers visited the scene of the crime, but inside sources claim they had
doubts about the sequence of events as it was related to them. Rather, the
sources say they believe the break-in was only a cover-up for the
commissioner’s negligence and that he lost his firearm somewhere.

However, because of the man’s position on the Commission that governs the
officers, the sources say the investigating officers are hesitant to voice their

Meanwhile more information has surfaced in a gun case that concluded in the
St. John’s Magistrates Court last week, when Ajhani Murray plead guilty to
possession of a 9mm pistol and seven rounds of ammunition.
At the time of his plea, the Police were not aware that the firearm belonged to
one of their own.

Since then, information has surfaced that a senior officer had left his service
pistol, unsecured, at home and gone away. In his absence, a family member
reportedly had taken the firearm and sold it to Murray, who is said to be a
Coast Guard officer in the Defence Force.

Insiders claim the family member was subsequently pressured and gave
information on the whereabouts of the firearm, which the Police recovered
after executing a search warrant.

The insiders are aggrieved, however, that no charges have been brought
against the police officer’s relative, and that the Coast Guard officer reportedly
remains on the job despite his criminal conviction.