Bloody student brawl at bus terminal leaves adults shocked and calling for greater parental and police interventions

Persons who were at the West Bus Station on Wednesday, February
7, continue to be shocked by the disregard for life, authority and
consideration for others by secondary students who were involved
in a chopping incident at the terminal.

Reports say a brawl broke out among several male students and
resulted in one being seriously injured, as he received chops to his
hands and head.

Allegedly the altercation involved four students and a 15-year-old
boy – all from the Ottos Comprehensive School. Reports say the teen
was ganged up on and chased around the terminal before he was
cornered, and the multiple wounds were inflicted to his body.

As a result, two of the alleged attackers were taken into police
custody to assist with investigations into the matter, while the other
two students managed to flee from the scene.

The 15-year-old had to be transported by ambulance to the Sir
Lester Bird Medical Centre, leaving bloody evidence of the attack at
the terminal.

There are reports that the victim was able to defend himself to some
degree, as he, too, was able to injure one of his attackers.
Reportedly, this is not the first time the victim has been targeted by
this same group of boys.

At the beginning of the school year, according to reports, a brawl
involving these same students broke out in front of the Little Canton
Supermarket on Independence Drive.

During that incident, which was caught by video surveillance, the
youth received an injury to the back of his head.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that this later attack was being encouraged
by other students. Accordingly, residents are saying that more needs
to be done to curb this type of incident involving school children.

A woman suggests that parents need to speak with their children
and search them before they leave home, since they appear to have
easy access to weapons.

She adds that many of these children have not had the fear in God
instilled in them, and she believes that religious studies should form
a part of the curriculum.  

If an incident involving the same students occurred earlier this year,
the woman asks, why was nothing done about it, and why were they
not monitored closely at school, even though the incident occurred
after school hours, or by their parents.

She says the Police should be undertaking random spot checks on
these young people, particularly since they always seem to have
weapons in their possession.

The woman is concerned that an innocent bystander could have
been injured during the commotion.