Nurses Council reminds all nurses and nurse-midwives to be re-registered by January 15, 2024, to avoid legal penalties

Nurses and nurse-midwives are being warned that they risk being
removed from the register that authorizes them to practice if they
fail to re-register by the second week of January 2024.
In a notice circulated by the Antigua and Barbuda Nurses Council to
the nursing community, these categories were notified of the annual
registration renewal, which is due by the end of the year.
According to the notice, all nurses and nurse-midwives should note
that their nursing and/or midwifery registration/license expires on
December 31, 2023; and, by law, they are required to re-register on
or before January 1 next year.

Once registration expires on December 31 and nurses/nurse-
midwives fail to register, according to the specified regulations, they
may face removal from the register after January 15, 2024.
It is illegal for employers of professional nurses and nurse-midwives
to hire a practitioner whose license is not current. Additionally, it is
against the law for any nurse/nurse-midwife to practice without a

license, according to the Nurses Registration Act, Cap 296, and the
Midwifery Act, Cap 234.

Those who fail to comply with these legal requirements, as outlined
by the Nurses Council, may face charges, fines, or imprisonment.
Registration is now underway at the Nursing Council’s office, and
employers are urged to ensure that nursing staff operate within
their designated scope of work/practice.