Citizens’ Engagement Division appeals to residents to participate in ‘Spreading Positivity Day’

Today, September 18, is being observed as “Spreading Positivity
Day” in Antigua and Barbuda, and the Community Development and

Citizens’ Engagement Division is encouraging everyone to join the

Each year, on September 17, the Division joyfully observes
“Spreading Positivity Day.” But this year, it opted to shift the
celebration to today, a weekday.

According to the Division, this special occasion serves as an
opportunity to inspire, uplift, motivate, and acknowledge one
another’s efforts.

Therefore, schools, churches, ministries, and other organizations are
being encouraged to join the Division in honouring the country’s
dedicated cleaners.

Residents can express their appreciation in any way they prefer –
whether through prayer, cards, gift baskets, or any other thoughtful
gesture, the agency says. 

The Division hopes that this day will be a memorable and uplifting
experience for the community, since many people are facing
troubling issues they are reluctant to talk about.