Disgruntled CBH workers down tools to bring attention to their grievances – including overtime, back-pay, and lack of respect

Workers at the Central Board of Health (CBH) downed tools over a
number of grievances – including money owed for overtime and
back pay – on Wednesday morning, June 28.

Those employees who remain at the lower All Saints Road location
spoke to REAL News correspondent George Wehner about their
money issues and other challenges that date back five years.

The workers claimed to be unsure of the state of their negotiations,
since the Government has said nothing to them or their

At present, they say, they are just existing in limbo, and so they are
asking that someone update them on what is happening. 

On another note, Wehner engaged the shop steward about the
transportation necessary to get field workers to their respective
work sites. He referred to the fact that, at times, burials have been
held up because of CBH workers arriving late at the cemetery.

A female worker stood on the picket line with her children and
reported to the REAL News correspondent that her children are
affected by the Government’s failure to pay. She said her children
are hungry; have been unable to get their hair cut; and need to visit
a doctor for medical care.

Other workers joined her in expressing their grievances about other
issues that have been impacting them.

Meanwhile, the Health Centre workers, including Vector Control
staff, said that Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph will not give
them a listening ear. They claimed they are treated like they do not
exist – although the Government wants its work done – and they are
not given the respect they deserve.

Accordingly, the employees have declared that they will not be
working until they receive all they are owed, and they will not
accept promises of “some now and some later.”