UPP prepared to go to court on Speaker’s refusal to accept Simon’s resignation, Lovell assures St. Mary’s South audience

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is prepared to take Speaker of
the House Sir Gerald Watt to court if he continues refusing to accept
the resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, thereby
triggering a by-election. 

Simon tendered his resignation from the House of Representatives
since Wednesday, June 7; but Sir Gerald, citing Section 41 of the
Constitution, has said he refuses to accept it.

Last week, Simon penned another letter to the Speaker, asking that
he reconsider his decision given that the resignation was in line with
constitutional provisions.

The Speaker apparently is yet to reply in writing. But he has made
his position known on the radio station affiliated with Prime
Minister, where he resorted to caustic and insulting remarks about
his critics.

During a town hall meeting hosted by Simon and the UPP, on
Monday, June 19, in Urlings, an audience member asked about the
next step in the process of calling a by-election, since Watt has
refused Simon’s resignation.

Attorney-at-law Harold Lovell explained that the House Speaker has
no discretion, under law, not to accept a Member’s resignation. And
while the UPP is hoping that Sir Gerald will reconsider his decision,
he declared that legal action will be taken if he does not.

Supporting his position, Lovell read the relevant parts of the
Constitution to the audience and asserted that the people have
democratic rights. Accordingly, he assured the constituents that
there will be a by-election in the St. Mary’s South constituency. 

Simon, himself, addressed the residents’ concerns about the way
forward and shared his plans for the area once re-elected, and was
movingly endorsed by campaign manager Justin Henry and former
UPP MP Chester Hughes.

Organizers of the event report that it was well attended by
constituents and supported by branches across the island.