Residents react to Speaker’s rejection of resignation, describing it as ‘a puppet show’ and constitutional crisis

Members of the public are reacting to Sir Gerald Watt’s rejection of
the resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon and calling the
decision a puppet show.

Simon submitted his resignation to the House Speaker, Sir Gerald,
on June 7. It is alleged that the response, refusing to accept the
resignation, was penned the same day. However, the undated

letter was sent to Simon only after Prime Minister Gaston Browne had
weighed in, publicly, on the matter.

On the weekend, during his usual radio appearance, Browne made
several comments about Simon’s resignation, including that it was
not proper; and on Monday, June 12, the Speaker issued his
rejection of the resignation with similar claims. 

As a result, one woman describes the Speaker as a puppet on a
string being manipulated by a dictator.
Others say the country is in a real constitutional crisis.

Another resident comments that Sir Gerald was nominated and
voted in by the Antigua Labour Party majority, and he now seems to
be holding the dual posts of House Speaker and the 10th member of
the Government Bench .

Some “desperate” residents say they are calling on God to rescue the
Nation, since the men and women who were elected to lead are now
fully consumed with arrogance and greed.

They add that the courts appear to have become the Labour Party’s
preferred means of remaining in power, instead of letting the people
decide via the ballot box.

“Can Antigua be anymore corrupt?” a female resident asks, adding
that the Speaker appears to make the rules according to what PM
Browne wants.

In the meantime, many people are encouraging Simon not to give up,
saying that he has done the honourable thing.