Forecasters warn ‘sensitive’ persons that fresh surge of Saharan dust will lower air quality to ‘moderate’ until Tuesday

Added to the complaints of very hot and humid weather conditions,
forecasters now say that moderate air quality is expected in Antigua
and Barbuda because of Saharan dust.

They say the island is facing a decline in air quality, with moderate
levels anticipated over the coming days; and the increase in
particulate matters is a result of a fresh surge of Saharan dust.
In spite of this, the overall air quality is considered acceptable; but
sensitive individuals, particularly those with respiratory conditions,
may experience moderate health concerns.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is projected to range from 51 to 70
during this period, and members of the public are being urged to
exercise caution.

The Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Service has raised the alert
level to II, thus indicating an increased risk for specific groups,
including those with respiratory or heart diseases, the elderly, and

However, while the health implications remain within acceptable
limits, individuals who are unusually sensitive to air pollution
should take extra care, forecasters warn.

Active individuals and those with respiratory conditions like asthma
are advised to minimize prolonged outdoor exertion.
The moderate air quality is expected to persist until Tuesday, June