Post Office workers refuse to enter building due to foul odours of feces and rat urine, and are sent home for the day

Due to a foul odour emanating from the General Post Office, workers reportedly refused to enter the building on Monday morning, April 24, and subsequently were sent home for the day.

The workers congregated outside as they called for the authorities to address the issue, which reportedly has been plaguing the staff for some time. 

A source says that, at certain intervals, a foul odour – reminiscent of feces – would permeate the building. Reports say the employees are complaining about the stench of rat urine in the offices, as well.

The General Post Office, over the years, has been plagued with a number of issues that reportedly threaten the health of staff members. Leaking roofs, flooding, mold and several other matters have caused the staff to mount protest action in the past, but the issues continue. 

A source has suggested that the building should be demolished and a new structure erected. Alternatively, the staff should be relocated to other premises, he says, since renovation work at the current location seems only to cover up issues, with others arising at a later date. 

Reportedly the workers’ action received the backing of their union, the Antigua Trades and Labour Union, since a representative was seen with them as they stood outside.