Executive taking careful steps to avoid further pitfalls on the way to selling luxury yacht

In a last-minute effort to avoid future “pitfalls” in the planned sale of the Alfa Nero superyacht, the Government now appears to be streamlining its approach.

According to the Cabinet Notes published today, April 14, seven officials from the Ministry of Legal Affairs were invited to meet with the Executive and discuss details pertinent to the seizure and sale of the vessel.

The report notes that the Administration wants to ensure that all arms of Government are taking the right steps in getting to the point of selling the vessel.

This comes against the backdrop of revelations, on Thursday, April 13, that the Government cannot sell the yacht, because the sanctions imposed by the United States on the assets of the owner, Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev, have not been lifted.

Earlier this week, attorney-at-law Charlesworth Tabor explained to REAL News that, since the Government officially seized the yacht, it is now responsible for the maintenance of the vessel and the salaries of the crew, until the sanction is lifted and a sale made.

Interestingly, the Cabinet is now reporting that the legal team has applied to the relevant authorities for the de-listing of the vessel from the sanctions list.

The communique also adds that the Antigua and Barbuda flag is now being flown on the vessel; insurance has been secured; negotiations with the captain and crew have concluded; and any liabilities incurred by the crew will now fall under the Government.

Despite not being able to name a date for the auction, the Cabinet is projecting that the funds raised from the sale will help the Government to recoup expenses incurred with the acquisition of the vessel.

According to the Cabinet Notes, the vessel is “likely to leave Falmouth Harbour and Antigua in a few weeks.”

The destination of the yacht is not known.