Rural East residents complain about uncollected garbage and their MP being missing, UPP caretaker Bird reports

Residents in St. John’s Rural East are complaining about a number of issues, including uncollected garbage, which has been their situation for about two weeks now.

House-holders say the uncollected waste is creating a nuisance and also attracting vermin.

Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for that constituency, says the sitting MP, Maria Browne, is focused on patching the deplorable roadways – but, at the same time, is neglecting her community responsibilities.

Bird confirms that his garbage has gone uncollected for two weeks –which, he says, is not a new situation, having happened many times in the past. 

Meanwhile, the UPP caretaker notes that the General Election has only just passed and, again, the Rural East representative is missing in action.

This was a complaint expressed by many residents prior to the January 18 polls; but Browne managed to pull off the win – reportedly after her party “invested heavily,” disgruntled constituents allege.

Bird reports that residents are now complaining to him, but there is not much he can do about the situation since he is not the representative.  He pledges, however, that he will do what he can in the circumstances.