Cabinet reports that another wealthy investor is showing interest in development of Callaloo Cay

The Cabinet Notes of Wednesday, March 1,  claim that another wealthy investor has shown an interest in developing a resort at Callaloo Cay.

Reports say that members of the Executive, other government officials, and the investor were to journey to Old Road on Thursday afternoon, March 2,  to examine the site.

This was meant to ensure the expectations of the interested parties are all met.

Following the announcement, in an earlier term of the Browne Administration, that  a high-end luxury resort would be developed in the Morris Bay area, Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced, in 2020, that there had been a change in the principals.

Browne, at the time, claimed that millions of dollars had already been advanced to the Government, but did not reveal the exact sum.

However, he said, the project had been halted due to financial difficulties the original investor had encountered.

A year later, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle, parliamentary representative for All Saints East and St. Luke, made some revelations about the proposed hotel development project.  

He said, then, that Browne had rushed to Dubai to prevent foreclosure on the lands, since the investor allegedly  had used the acreage as collateral on other business deals.

Callaloo Cay had been advertised as a gateway to paradise. The resort had been expected to be developed in several phases, with a completion date of 2021.