Police investigate instances of alleged fraud, including broker’s inability to deliver heavy-duty equipment to Barbuda business

Alleged fraudulent activities that involve thousands of dollars are currently under police investigation.

Reports say that a Barbudan woman, the proprietor of J&M Barbuda Heavy Duty Equipment Services, reported that she had deposited monies to the account of a local brokerage service for the purchase of an item; however, she is yet to receive the item or get her money back.

She alleges that the sum of $51,000 was given to the proprietor of JJ& J Brokerage Services, located at North Street, between November 2020 and January 2023, to clear a Case backhoe that she had imported from Miami.

Reports say the heavy-duty equipment arrived on island in December 2022, but the businesswoman has not been able to have access to it.

Further reports are that, up to the time of making the report last week, the woman still had not received her equipment or a refund.

According to the woman, the owner of the brokerage service has been unable to give a proper explanation for why her equipment is still at the Port.  Reportedly, he keeps promising her that he is going to clear it, but has not done so.

In the meantime, however, the woman alleges that he has confessed to using some of the money, but not for its intended purpose.

Reports are that the Police have been provided with several documents to aid in the investigation, which is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the directors of Caribconex Ltd., located on All Saints Road, have reported to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that more than US$100,000 has been taken from their Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) account.

It is alleged that the sum of US$122,000 was wired from their account at the Friars Hill Road branch without authorization.

This incident reportedly occurred sometime between December 20-22, 2022.

Inquiries also continue into this matter.