Africans report one of their own to police, alleging they were defrauded of money collected for their return flight to Nigeria

An African man was detained by the Police after several of his countrymen who remain stranded here accused him of taking money from them and failing to execute what he was paid to do.

Reports are that a number of African nationals complained to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that they had given money to a compatriot – resident at Dickenson Bay – to secure a charter flight back to Nigeria.

However, up to the time of making the report, they had not received their tickets or a refund of their money – alleged to be a total of US$100,000.  

Accordingly, 20 African nationals who claimed to have been scammed were interviewed by the police; and, up to Wednesday, February 15, the alleged offender was in custody.

Meanwhile, investigations have been launched and are ongoing into an incident of cyber crime.

A Bendals Village woman is alleged to have reported to the CID that the Facebook page of a popular online gossip outlet had used her image in a way that contravenes the Electronic Crimes Act.

The Act prohibits persons from taking and circulating any graphic or insensitive photographs of victims.  Allegedly, the online entity posted nude pictures and videos of the woman on its page without her consent.

Reportedly, this offence occurred at about 8 p.m. on February 15.

Meanwhile, investigations have been launched into a fire that gutted a house, destroying its contents.

Reports are that officers from the St. John’s Fire Station responded to a call that of a house on fire in Martin’s Village.

They reportedly fought hard to save the structure; however, the interior and contents of the house, which measured 10’ x 10,’ were completely destroyed in the blaze.

The owner told firefighters that the structure was occupied by his son, who had just left home when it was observed that the house was on fire.

The property had electricity attached but was not insured.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 6:30 p.m. on February 15.