Law-enforcement officers seize shipment of 250 Luger bullets during search operation; businessman says, ‘This is madness!’

A man reportedly is assisting the Police with their investigations, following the seizure of a large shipment of ammunition at the Deep Water Harbour.

Reports say that a consignment of 250 bullets was seized on Tuesday, February 14, during an operation by law-enforcement agencies.

Police officers, along with officers from the Customs Enforcement Task Force, conducted the joint exercise and discovered a cardboard box containing hundreds of rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition.

Several residents – including two business owners – tell REAL News this development is alarming, given the number of armed robberies taking place across the country, as well as the amount of drugs being shipped here.  

“This is too much,” one businessperson says.   “Our ports of entry are not being properly controlled; gunmen are staging robberies in broad daylight; armed [assailants] are going onto school compounds; and now an army-load of ammunition is landed here?    

“Is anybody in charge of this country?  Because this is madness!” he declares.

Meanwhile, as is customary, the cardboard box and the bullets were taken to the Police Headquarters pending further inquiries.