Cabinet promises to pay Carnival stakeholders, but fails to say how much and when, even as 2023 festival dates are rolled out

Carnival stakeholders who are yet to receive their money for services or their participation in the 2022 festivities are being promised that some payment will be made.

The matter reportedly was discussed in Cabinet on Wednesday, February 8; however, a date for said payment was not given.

Soca and calypso artistes, along with other service providers – some of whom are owed for several years – have complained about the Government’s lack of interest in paying them their money.

One vocal artiste was soca and calypso contender Tian Winter, who took to social media to plead with the authorities for his money.

Accordingly, the Executive has given an undertaking to pay a portion of the monies owed, and a sum is to be set aside to achieve what the Cabinet terms “this very important end.”

Further, the Cabinet Notes say, “a down payment on future expenses is also to be paid.”

Meanwhile, one of the Carnival coordinators met with the Executive to share the scheduling of events for the 2023 festival.  This year, the Notes report, the festivities will begin on July 24 and culminate on Tuesday, August 8, with the Las’ Lap jump-up.

Apparently, some innovative programmes and shows are expected to be staged, although the traditional shows will dominate – including the highly anticipated T-shirt Mas’ on July 29.

The local Queen of Carnival competition returns this year, following a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the competition will be held before the official opening of Carnival in order to prepare the winner for the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show.

A pledge has been made to continue the discussions between the decision-makers and the prospective sponsors.