Two stolen firearms on the street, sources allege, with latest one being lifted in Tuesday-night robbery of businessman

Well-placed sources are reporting that two firearms were recently stolen and alerting residents that they are now on the street.

The sources say the Police are keeping both matters quiet, but they allege that the first firearm was stolen about three weeks ago from the home of a retired police officer while the second gun, they claim, was taken from the gas-station owner who was robbed and shot on Tuesday night.

They further allege that the businessman, Bernard Percival, was shot not only in the foot but in the groin.

Most interestingly, however, the sources tell REAL News that the sum of which Percival was robbed was more than $250,000 – a sum that would have presented a challenge to deposit at the Bank, as the regulatory authorities would have to be alerted.  

They claim the bandit would have been aware that Percival was carrying a significant sum, given that his business offers cheque-cashing services, as well, and would have determined that he was not making night drops at the bank.

In the other instance, the sources say, the retired officer reported that his home had been broken into while he was off island and his firearm was missing.  

However, the matter reportedly was not followed up by the Police until this week when a senior officer was informed of the theft, at a social event, and ordered an investigation.

The sources say that residents, especially business owners, should take every precaution this holiday season, as many robbers are now armed, dangerous and desperate.