Police ask the public to support family of Shamar Harrigan while human remains undergo forensic testing

As investigations continue into the discovery of skeletal human remains in Willikies on Monday, December 5, the Police are asking members of the public to continue supporting the family of Shamar Harrigan, whose remains they suspect the bones might be.

However, forensic and DNA analysis will have to be undertaken to determine the exact identity of the remains, and this might take some time.

The sobering discovery was made at Roomes Estate, north of Willikies Village, while a search party was scouring the terrain for the missing teenager.

The search commenced at around 9:30 a.m., with teams of volunteers organized by the Blue Dragonfly Foundation, police officers, and the K-9 Unit combing the area.

At approximately an hour into the search, at around 10:30 a.m., the Police say, the skeletal remains were discovered.

A medical doctor arrived on the scene at 2 o’clock and confirmed that the remains are human, and they were removed to Straffies Funeral Home.

Earlier, Harrigan’s blue-and-pink knapsack and articles of his clothing were found in the vicinity of a pond.

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney has commended the efforts of those who came forward and assisted in the search for the young man. He is now appealing to the family and the public to exercise patience until the conclusion of the investigation.

Harrigan went missing from his Willikies home on November 14. Monday, December 5, made exactly three weeks since he was last seen by relatives.