Wounding of Clare Hall School student and chopping between cousins under police investigation; Villa man fined in drug case

Two wounding incidents – one involving a secondary school student and the other involving two cousins – are under police investigation.

According to reports, a stabbing at the Clare Hall Secondary School last Friday afternoon, November 18, left a 17-year-old Sutherlands resident nursing an injury.

The teenager is said to have sustained a wound to his left knee, which was treated by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) technicians who were called to the scene.

The student reportedly was at the southern gate of school, when an unknown person approached and shoved him. 

The youth reportedly pushed back and a scuffle with his attacked ensued, during which time he was stabbed in his left knee.   

The alleged perpetrator – said to be 6-feet tall; slimly built; and wearing a black shirt, light-blue jeans and a black ski mask – then ran off in a southern direction towards Old Parham Road.

The student claimed he does not know the perpetrator and did not know what implement had been used to injure him.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 5 p.m. 

Meanwhile, a Bolans man received a wound to his left hand from a cutlass wielded by his cousin, a fellow villager, on Friday, November 18.

Reports say that, earlier in the day, the victim had approached the alleged offender about a fishing gun.  Later, at about 9 p.m., the alleged offender saw the man, began arguing, and allegedly threatened to kill him.

They eventually got into a fight, during which the alleged offender brandished a cutlass and chopped the victim on the left hand.

The Police conducted an initial search for the alleged attacker, but without success.  However, several persons were interviewed and the lawmen were able to obtain some useful information.

In the meantime, one of two siblings was recently fined, in the St. John’s Magistrates Court, for drug possession.

Tesfa Thomas, 40, and Iyanta Thomas, 21, both of Villa, were jointly charged with possession of 334 grammes of cannabis and possession with intent to transfer, and they appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

The older brother pleaded not guilty to both charges and the prosecution withdrew those charges against him. 

However, Iyanta pleaded guilty to both charges.  He was reprimanded and discharged on the possession charge, but was fined $10,000 for possession with intent to transfer.

The money has to be paid on or before February 28, 2023; in default, he will serve one year at His Majesty’s Prison.