UPP’s ‘Small Business Pull-up’ comes back to St. John’s, with Rural West constituency targeted for this Saturday’s outing

Following a successful outing on the eastern section of the island, the United Progressive Party’s “Small Business Pull-up” will make its way back to St. John’s, this time patronizing businesses in the Rural West constituency.

The initiative, which has become the rave of weekend entertainment, promotes struggling businesses while injecting much-needed financial support.

Every Saturday, a group of UPP Candidates and supporters embark on an organized tour to patronize eateries, bars, convenience stores and other enterprises in communities across Antigua.

On Saturday, November 26, the caravan will leave Cross Road –  at the junction of Buckley Street and the road leading to Cooks – at 1 p.m., and will patronize a number of small enterprises in the Grays Farm, Green Bay, Golden Grove New Extension and Five Islands communities.

The team will also share the Party’s Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth with vendors and business owners.

Senator Richard Lewis, the UPP Candidate for St. John’s Rural West, says, “It takes hard work, patience and dedication to run a successful small business in today’s tough economy.”

Accordingly, he says the Party wants to support as many of these businesses as possible, to help boost their sales and visibility.

This weekend’s event will be the second to last in this particular series of the Party’s community-outreach efforts.