UPP ramps up campaign with public rally at iconic Thwaites Corner next Thursday, November 17, Lovell announces

As the election campaign intensifies, the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hyping up its base again by hosting a public rally next Thursday, November 17.
Several rallies were held earlier in the year. However, the Party decided to focus on the various constituencies, instead, and “rub shoulders” with the electorate, according to Political Leader of the Party Harold Lovell.
Lovell says that next Thursday’s event will see the Party promoting more of its plans and programmes to take this country forward.

With broad hints that elections may be called before the constitutionally due time frame of March 2023, Lovell says the UPP will be stepping up its game plan.

It will be getting the people ready to vote out “this wicked and evil administration, which ruined the country and brought it to the brink of economic collapse,” he says.
The likely venue is the iconic Thwaites Corner, the stomping ground of many political rallies, Lovell says. He is, therefore, encouraging Party supporters and those who need to see a change in the country to come out and support the event.