UPP’s caravan goes to Rural North this weekend; Quinn-Williams says it could be catalyst for new business registration

The small-business-support initiative of the United Progressive Party (UPP) moves to Rural North this weekend, and Candidate Pearl Quinn-Williams is excited about the venture, which, she says, has played a meaningful role in generating income and exposure for small, struggling businesses.

Quinn-Williams says the “Small Business Pull-up” will start off at 12 noon this Saturday, October 8, at Harriette’s Roadside Eatery in Coolidge.

She shares that, even before the initiative commenced weeks ago, persons in the constituency had contacted her, expressing an interest in the venture.

Quinn-Williams says the Pull-up is generating a customer base for many small businesses and also building a lot of excitement. She says that Antigua and Barbuda could be poised, through this venture, to become the capital of new-business registration within the region.

According to the UPP Candidate, these events foster community pride and spirit, and they help to build the community’s economy as local people support each other.

Community businesses that do well tend to hire people from within the area, thus helping to increase its employment rate.  Accordingly, 

Quinn-Williams says, small businesses are the engine that powers the economy; so, much more needs to be done to assist them to survive and thrive.

She is suggesting that the UPP will continue such initiatives when in office, along with implementing its other plans, so that small businesses will continue to remain viable.

The small-business caravan will get underway at midday and wend its way throughout the constituency, with members of the Party, candidates and supporters patronizing the community businesses.