Symister says PM Browne’s statements about Nigel Christian could influence murder case of the three accused

Leon “Chaku” Symister, an attorney-at-law, is concerned that recent statements made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne concerning slain Customs Officer Nigel Christian could probably impact the pending murder case.

Three people have been charged with the murder of Christian, who was abducted from his home and shot over two years ago.

At a town hall meeting in New York this past weekend, Browne made certain allegations about the case – and even went as far as implying that Christian had been involved in corruption.

In a country as small as Antigua and Barbuda, Symister says, and with such a limited jury pool, these are not statements that should have been publicly uttered, especially by the Prime Minister.

The attorney says it was highly improper for PM Browne to utter such statements. He explains that some people will believe they are credible, because – as head of the Government – Browne has regular briefings with the heads of the security forces.

Therefore, he says, the Prime Minister’s behaviour is unacceptable.

The attorney says the PM’s statements could work in favour of the defence, since they can be used by the three accused to show prejudice prior to the trial.

Symister says that Browne should know when and where to make certain pronouncements and stop embarrassing himself and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

According to his mother, Christian was kidnapped from his McKinnons home on Friday, July 10, 2020, by four men. His bullet-riddled body was later discovered on a dirt road near New Winthorpes.