Barbuda Council undertakes data-gathering on various farmers to apply for international funding and shore up food security

The Barbuda Council has embarked on a programme of registering farmers on the sister-island as it seeks to expand its agriculture sector.

Senator Fabian Jones, the Councillor in charge of the sector, says this exercise is intended to collect data that will be used to apply for funding from international organisations.

Jones says the Council hopes that more people will get into farming in order to strengthen food security on the island.

The registration exercise commenced weeks ago, and Jones hopes it will be concluded by the end of July. At that time, the Council will have a fair idea of the farmers involved in the various sectors of agriculture on Barbuda.

Meanwhile, Jones says that the people are excited about the food-security initiative. He says there has been a vigorous campaign through which technicians from the Agriculture Department are going into the community to meet and hold discussions with farmers.