Location of MP Joseph’s ‘election project’ creates bad blood between him and Jennings community sports clubs

Controversy appears to be brewing between several sports clubs in the Jennings community and Sir Molwyn Joseph, the St. Mary’s North parliamentary representative.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner reports that the sports clubs “are incensed at the autocratic, high- handed and arrogant approach of MP Joseph in the siting of his election project at the Jennings playfield.”

According to the sports pundits and members of the community, the structure that is being constructed on the playing field – reportedly a community centre – is not in the best location.

Glen Miller, Head Coach of the Jennings Cricket Team, tells Wehner he does not have an issue with the project – but with the placement of the building.

Miller adds that he and Joseph later engaged in a discussion, during which the Coach reminded the Minister that he had been given an estimate for the project.

Miller claims that Joseph first denied this, then admitted the estimate had been changed and that he is now executing the project as he sees fit.

Reportedly, the Minister commenced the project without consulting the relevant stakeholders and broke ground in an area where the sports clubs insist is not best suited.

It is alleged that MP Joseph told Miller he had been elected seven times to the Lower House of Parliament, and therefore he – the MP – will decide where the structure will be erected.