Principal of St. Mary’s shares litany of ills with parents and warns that no nonsense will be brooked in new academic year

The Principal of St. Mary’s Secondary has put parents and guardians on notice that the school will brook no nonsense in the 2022/2023 school year, commencing in September.

By way of a letter, the Head has indicated that he will be taking a no-tolerance stance on students’ poor behaviour, especially with pupils caught with drugs.

The Principal warns parents that the Police will be called to deal with children found with drugs on the school compound, since school is a place of learning.

During the past two terms, reports say, students were caught with lighters, marijuana, cigarette wrappers, and scissors – all of which are illegal on school premises.

In the letter, dated June 23, 2022, the Head describes the past academic year as having been riddled with many student-based difficulties, many of which were a first-time experience for the institution.

As was reported several weeks ago, the Principal laments the increased use of marijuana among the student body, mainly by males, and a spirit of deviance.

Difficulties encountered – and which were previously foreign to the institution – included an increased level of disrespect of teachers by students; a decreased desire to learn; a lack of respect for authority; and a heightened level of violence.

The Principal also complains about activities occurring after school hours, including students loitering, for hours, at a nearby restaurant and leaving for home after 4 p.m.

During this time, their conduct and behaviour reportedly left much to be desired and have been described as deplorable. Reportedly, police officers have had to called to the location in order to disperse the rowdy pupils.

Going forward, the Principal encourages parents to speak to their children and to have some sense of their whereabouts at all times, especially after school is dismissed for the day.

Another issue, the Principal says, is that students are showing up to school not dressed in full uniform. Some, especially the females, are not wearing the tie, which is a daily requirement.

Finally, the Head voices concern about the constant fights taking place on the compound, which often lead to the destruction of school property.

He shares with parents the hope that the new academic year will be different and much improved.