ONDCP employees air their grievances over poor working conditions, inadequate compensation, and lack of appreciation

Employees of the Office of the National Drug & Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) have complained about the conditions under which they have to work.

Their plight was highlighted in a recent press release that objected to the reinstatement of the Assistant Director of Operations.

The workers say they struggle, year after year, to deal with the inadequate working conditions that seem to plague most government institutions, as well as inadequate funding to purchase the tools necessary to perform at even a basic level.

Like most other government employees, they are also complaining about their compensation and the absence of policies to protect them as human resources, and they accuse management of failing to create an empowering work environment that promotes growth.

According to the employees, as professionals who are passionate about their duties, they have sought creative ways to work around these obstacles so the job can get done.

“Unfortunately, rather than seeing this value in its staff body and seeking to enable our efforts, we are told that what we do is expected of us and what we are being paid for,” the employees say.

They agree that efforts have been undertaken, in the past, to resolve these nagging internal issues; however, management continues to operate in a manner with which they are not satisfied, they workers say.