Any ‘bad-faith’ land transaction to appease Michael will be challenged in court, Lovell says

Any attempt by the Gaston Browne Administration to use Crown lands to appease St. Peter MP Asot Michael and persuade him to yield the seat to another political prospect will be challenged in the courts, says Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) .

Last week, REAL News reported that the embattled Michael is allegedly being “incentivized” to abandon his fight for a place on the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) ticket in the next general elections.

A well-placed source alleged that 100 acres of Crown land, in the Devil’s Bridge area, is on offer, as the ALP tries to persuade Michael to allow Rawdon Turner to run unchallenged.

Lovell says that the courts would be petitioned to reverse any such decision.

The insider said that Prime Minister Browne has become desperate, in the wake of Michael’s victories in the court, to date.

Additionally, based on the Party’s own revised constitution, the time by which a primary can be held has passed, since no such consideration can be made when the general elections are less than 12 months away.

As a result, the source alleges that the ALP is prepared to use Crown land as currency, ahead of the next polls, in an attempt to bolster Browne’s chances of retaining the government.

Lovell says that any such transaction by the Browne Administration would be based on bad faith.