Bassawan tells court he ran from a wide-open prison bus when officers stopped to buy snacks, and is sentenced to six months

Rikardo Bassawan, the man who escaped from police custody after leaving the All Saints Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 31, has been sentenced to six months at Her Majesty’s Prison for the offence.

Today, June 2, he appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke and pleaded guilty.

Bassawan was charged with escaping lawful custody after he was recaptured on Wednesday morning, June 1, in the vicinity of his girlfriend’s house.

Many residents had openly wondered how the 27-year-old man was able to escape custody while being transported to prison on another charge.

The Villa man told the Court that the officers in charge had stopped the bus to buy chips in Potters and had left the vehicle’s door wide open. Therefore, he took the opportunity and made a dash for freedom.

Unless he is able to obtain bail in the High Court, Bassawan will remain imprisoned after serving this sentence, since he has been remanded on an aggravated robbery charge.

He is alleged to have held a Jolly Harbour woman at knife-point and robbed her of an undisclosed sum of money.

The Police have since recovered the cash and an orange-and-white-handled knife from a knapsack the suspect was carrying.