Standard public services should not be used as an election- campaign tool by the ALP, businesswoman declares

Well-known businesswoman J.Valerie Hodge is decrying the fact that public services are being used by the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) as election-campaign strategy, when such services are what any government ought to provide.

Hodge believes the ALP, the country’s oldest political institution, is – and has been – devoid of ideas for decades.

She notes that the party is making the campaign about road repairs and water fixes, and says the infrastructure should be maintained throughout an administration’s tenure and not just at election time.

That certain issues are only now being addressed by the Administration should be enough reason for residents to vote it out of office, Hodge says.

Hodge says she is appalled that so many Labour Party supporters are turning a blind eye to the barrage of issues plaguing the country, and she puts this down to their “sheepish loyalty.”

And while some good policies have been put forward for public consideration, Hodge says, the Government’s continued failings appear to be taking up most of the national discussion.