Pringle welcomes improved water supply, but says Government’s current urgency is only aimed at pulling votes

Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle sees the current scramble to address the water situation as further evidence of the Gaston Browne Administration priming the people for elections.

In what is being called “a cog” from the United Progressive Party’s WATER Programme, the Administration has purchased water tanks for “needy households” to increase storage capacity.  It says the tanks, which were “paid for a few weeks ago are now ready for distribution.”

The Cabinet claims that its approach to solving the country’s water issues is one that is holistic and comprehensive.

“When completed in a few months, the country will experience a surplus in water supply and that will be supplied to farmers at an extremely low cost,” this week’s Notes say.

However, while Pringle welcomes the increased water supply through the provision of Reverse Osmosis plants, he says the people are seeing these moves for what they are: vote-getting devices.

Pringle points out that the Antigua Labour Party campaigned on water issues in 2014, and he asks why it has taken eight years to seriously address the issue.

The Opposition Leader, who is the parliamentary representative for All Saints East and St. Luke, says the Government’s efforts will cease if the Labour Party were to retain office.  The drive to correct the situation will no longer be there, he says, if they are re-elected.

Accordingly, he is telling the people not to be fooled by this old trick, since they deserve water regularly and not only at election time.