Bus and taxi operators absented themselves from fuel-hike protest to protect their negotiations for discount, Joseph says

An explanation is being offered for the absence of bus and taxi operators from “The People’s Picket” on Tuesday, March 22.

The event, organized by a group of concerned citizens in protest of the fuel-price increases, attracted more than 400 picketers. But many felt that the persons most impacted – the public-transportation operators – should have been out in their numbers.

Ian Joseph, an officer of both the United Taxi Company and the Public Transportation Union, says his members did not take part because they did not want to jeopardize current negotiations with the Government over the quantity of discounted fuel they are to receive.

Joseph says the membership did not agitate to take part in the event, either; however, individual taxi or bus operators could have done so if they wished.

Meanwhile, regarding the picket, Joseph says that persons have a right to stand up for what they believe is right and just and on issues that impact them.

He agrees they have a right to voice their displeasure on any issue – not just on fuel prices.