Psychiatrist says that alleged ‘Vampire Killer’ is competent to stand trial, but defence attorney will cross-examine doctor

Delano Forbes, the man dubbed the “Vampire Killer,” has been declared fit to stand trial for several murders he is alleged to have committed.

A Dominica-based psychiatrist conducted an evaluation on the young man, following which it was determined that the accused is competent to stand trial.

Forbes and his attorney, Sherfield Bowen, were informed of this development on Monday, March 21, in the High Court.  However, in spite of the doctor’s opinion, Bowen has made a request to cross examine the professional.   

His request has been granted and the psychiatrist is expected to face cross examination by defence counsel on May 16.

Forbes’ mental state had been brought into question and, in response, a psychiatric evaluation had been ordered by the Court.  The result should have been revealed last week, but was adjourned to Monday.

Forbes, 27, is facing multiple murder charges dating back to 2017.

He is alleged to have killed Lisue “Dirty” Williams, Maurison Thomas, Wilfred “Bongo” Williams and Shawn Henry.

Williams, who was considered a vagrant, died on February 21, 2017, reportedly as a result of having his throat slashed.  His body was discovered outside the Industrial School for the Blind on Lower All Saints Road.

Henry also died in the same manner, with that incident reported to have occurred between May 6 and 9, 2017, on Redcliffe Street. His body was found in an abandoned building.

Another alleged victim, “Bongo” Williams, was found stuffed inside a nailed-shut latrine near his home in Swetes. He had been reported missing days before.

Forbes had been on the run from the Police, and it was during this time that he allegedly struck again, taking the life of Thomas, a Matthews Village resident.

Since Thomas had not answered any phone calls in several days, his daughter and a friend went to check on him.  He was found dead in his home, face down in a pool of blood.

After being on the run for about a month, Forbes was recaptured in March 2018 inside the pump house at Follies.

Police suspect that he is responsible for the murders of several “vagrants” across Antigua in a killing spree that began in 2015.

During their investigations into the murders, lawmen allegedly found two bottles filled with what appeared to be blood at the home of the accused.