Mounting road accidents and fatalities prompt official warning from authorities to motorists

The Government is warning motorists to proceed on the roads with some level of caution in order to avoid accidents and deaths.

The country recorded its fourth road fatality on Sunday afternoon, March 20, in Bethesda.   Shane Welcome, 32, of Golden Grove, was thrown from his motorcycle and died on the spot.

Officials say they have taken note of the number of accidents on recently resurfaced roads, such as the Friars Hill Road and the Sir George Walter Highway.

Drivers are being reminded that accidents cause death and serious injury, plus the destruction of property.

Persons are reminded that driving above the speed limit is an offence and they could have their licenses suspended by the court.

Several accidents, many serious, have taken place across Antigua and Barbuda over these past several weeks.

There is a video in circulation showing another collision that reportedly occurred on the All Saints Road on Sunday night. Two young men were recorded inside a vehicle with injuries that did not appear to be serious.

The police are also appealing to motorists to drive more cautiously at this time, when more vehicles are on the road due to further relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions.