Political Leader says rallies and mobilization efforts are meant to energize UPP base and reach fence-sitters

The United Progressive Party (UPP) staged its third drive-in rally on Thursday night, February 10, and its Political Leader says they have been going well and he is pleased with the turnout, to date.

The latest event took place on the playing field in Bolans, where nearly half of the Party’s slate of Candidates outlined plans and aired criticism of the failures of the Gaston Browne Administration.

Harold Lovell says the UPP will continue its campaign as it prepares itself for whenever the general elections are called.

The Political Leader says these events are also being held to mobilize the Party’s base ahead of the polls.

However, he says the Party’s efforts will not focus only on energizing its base, who are very important, but outreach has been undertaken on several social-media platforms to attract “on-the-fence voters.”

Lovell says the Party is aware that it has to use other mediums to reach a much wider audience.